BBC to turn identity card crisis into a drama

Accordiong to Henry Deedes, writing in the Independent’s “Pandora” column, the BBC is “planning a hard-hitting drama series tackling the thorny issue of government ID cards”:

The series, called The Last Enemy, will star upcoming Blood Diamonds actor David Harewood. Set sometime in the near future, the plot centres around grizzly murders carried out with the assistance of ID card theft.

“It’s meant to be an apocalyptic drama,” I’m told. “It’s aiming to paint a pretty depressing picture of the country if ID cards get the nod. I think the idea is that it will be quite Orwellian.”

Either way, the series will aims to cause a stir on the prickly issue, which which may have been the reason the BBC weren’t keen to go into any details.

“The series will be broadcast in five parts which we hope will go out later this year sometime,” says a spokesman for the programme. “ID cards do feature in the plot but it is too early to go into details I’m afraid.”

6 thoughts on “BBC to turn identity card crisis into a drama

  1. nina steggar says:

    Good for the BBC they have suffered a good bashing at the hands of new Labour. Remember Hutton and Greg Dyke. Some of Labour’s old chickens they thought they’d seen the last of have come home to roost.

  2. Rob Clack says:

    You watch Labour try to quash this somehow, or get the ID card angle removed or played down…

  3. John Aitken says:

    Good one BBC just what we need to get through to those people who dont know what its all about, their are too many people in this country who are too busy getting on with thier lifes to be bothered about the ID card bill until it bites them in the arse.

  4. glyn evans says:

    when will the nation wake up to this credible threat to democracy and personal privacy freedoms that our fathers fought and died for in the last world war? why did they bother fighting back?? Our children are now being fingerprinted and iris scanned like criminals, then it will be our turn if we want a new passport, -watched and followed everywhere- have you seen the cameras? how the few control the many. They call themselfs ‘the new world order’ and they want you in prison where they know where you are and what you are doing, how much money you’ve got etc et all.
    last one out switch off the light and close the door

  5. mike hack says:

    Well done the BBC.I hope people will take opportunity too view the forthcoming drama on the BBC in relation to the surveillance society and the imposition of us all being forced into having all their personal details including finger prints logged on a Government data base. Who would have thought that in a mature western democracy your freedom to travel abroad depended on you giving way to this illiberal dictatorial regime and being issued with an ID card which if it happens will change all our lives for the worst for ever.Had this happened under a Thatcher Government there would have been an outcry of prolonged protest from amongst others the academics, student movements, trade union leaders and even the Labour party. The reality of it is that people in general appear to be more interested in what is happening in “the big brother house” than this attack on our freedom and privacy. It has for too long been left to Liberty, No 2ID cards and serious journalists such as Henry Porter to highlight the extreme dangers facing us. Freedom is a strange thing, it has a kind of abstract feel about it and is not noticed until it is lost. This may not be a Police State at present, but we are surely sleepwalking and drifting in that direction.

  6. Kevin Behan says:

    We are intending to lend some of our kit for a bit part in the making of ‘The last enemy’.However,we would like to make it clear that our products are designed to remove the reason /excuse for Armed Forces shooting guns at vehicles that refuse to stop at ‘checkpoints’.Shooting at vehicles,( that failed to stop a ‘checkpoints’), was the prefered option for the British Army in Northern Ireland.

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