Fifty firms at first ID card bid meeting

Sarah Arnott writes in Computing:

Fifty potential suppliers to the government’s planned multi-million pound biometric identity card programme participated in the first bidders’ conference last week.

The procurement for the scheme was launched last month and the framework contracts – which will handle up to £2bn of subsequent business – are expected to be signed within nine months.

2 thoughts on “Fifty firms at first ID card bid meeting

  1. Ron says:

    I would have thought a boycott of any firms involved in the ID cards fiasco was an ideal avenue to protest about this insidious scheme.

  2. Nottingham Defy-ID has it’s own postcode searchable company locator database, which identifies the companies and their involvement in the ID scheme, and even tells you where their offices are nationwide

    You’d be amazed how many identity thieves are lurking in your neighbourhood – check it out:

    We’re always looking for new information about the companies involved and what they’re up to, so if you have any, please get in touch.

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