Magna Carta 2007 – an updated version to protect us from an overweening State

Peter Oborne writes in the Daily Mail:

[The power of the state] poses an ever-growing threat to the liberty of British people, in many cases seizing on new technology to menace our freedom.

Today, the situation is so bad that we are in urgent need of a new Magna Carta – one that enshrines the freedom of the ordinary British citizen from state oppression. Here, the Mail’s political columnist outlines the ten basic freedoms this new document should contain…


All British citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty. But this ancient right is under threat from a government promise to introduce identity cards, forcing us to carry a document we can present to the authorities on demand. The ID card threatens to become a massive weapon in the hands of an intrusive state.

Another flagrant attack on the presumption of innocence concerns DNA samples taken from suspects. It used to be the case that the police would destroy the fingerprints of those who were either acquitted or never charged. Under new proposals, they will be able to retain DNA profiles in all circumstances.