Lady Thatcher would despise today’s vision

Maurice Saatchi, writing in the Financial Times, says that Margaret Thatcher would not approve of the Database State:

That is why she would despise the vision that is opening up before us – in which the state controls your mortgage, your bank account and your life insurance; where the state routinely passes your papers from one government department to another, your phone bills to the health department, your health records to Revenue & Customs, your tax records to the benefits department; your car journeys tracked by state sensors; your bus and Tube journeys caught on state cameras; your foreign trips notified to the authorities; every click on your computer available for inspection; your identity card always ready for presentation; one in three on the state’s payroll; two in three receive a state payment; cities where half the jobs are with the state, and where the state has views on how you fill your rubbish bin.

2 thoughts on “Lady Thatcher would despise today’s vision

  1. Stephen says:

    Why am I unconvinced? This present government has just continued a trend initiated by Thatcher. The legal underpinning of the surveillance state started with Thatcher and her communications act.

  2. perdix says:

    Stephen – I am unconvinced by your comment!

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