The young O’Blairs… Former Prime Minister’s children have Irish passports, thanks to their grandmother

Simon Mcgee and Nick Pisa write in the Mail on Sunday:

Tony Blair’s four children have Irish citizenship – with at least one, Kathryn, using her Eire passport to travel.

The revelation came from Cherie Blair on a TV chat show, when she said Kathryn, Euan, Nicky and Leo had Irish passports through their grandmother, Tony’s mother Hazel.

‘She came from a Protestant family, but from Ireland, and it’s because of her that my four children all have Irish passports,’ Mrs Blair told Irish TV’s The Late Late Show.

She said Kathryn had red hair ‘like her grandmother’, adding: ‘Whenever she travels on Ryanair, she always takes her Irish passport.’

This of course means that the children of the Prime Minister responsible for the Identity Cards Act 2006 could escape its compulsion to register on the UK National Identity Register by not renewing their UK passports (which they also have, apparently). Irish passports are also much cheaper.