Controlling Information: who holds the power in the internet age?

On 13th April Chatham House held a discussion to evaluate to what extent power has been decentralized through the web, shifting more control to the individual. The participants were:

  • Sir David Omand GCB, Former Security and Intelligence Coordinator, Cabinet Office, UK and Visiting Professor, War Studies Department, King’s College London
  • Guy Herbert, General Secretary, NO2ID
  • Nigel Inkster CMG, Director of Transnational Threats and Political Risk, International Institute for Strategic Studies and Former Assistant Chief and Director for Operations and Intelligence, SIS
  • Heather Brooke, Author of The Silent State and Freedom of Information campaigner

On 25th April Radio 4′s “The World Tonight” broadcast an edited version of the discussion – listen again here (starts at 18m 50s).

The Chatham House announcement for the debate, and edited opening statements from the panelists, is available here.

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