The snoopers’ charter costs £400million before a single piece of data has been collected

Jack Doyle writes in the Daily Mail:

More than £400million has been spent on the Government’s ‘snooper’s charter’ – before a single piece of personal data has been collected.

The project is designed to monitor the public’s every phone call, email and internet click, but is opposed by civil liberties groups and dozens of Tory MPs.

The Bill which would give it a green light has not been approved by Parliament but the Home Office has already spent £405 million in development costs.

That amounts to nearly a quarter of the projected total cost of £1.8billion over a decade.

Critics said the figures, released to Parliament, showed officials were presiding over ‘yet another Whitehall IT disaster’.

Nick Pickles, director of privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch, said: ‘As countless experts have warned, this money would be much better spent on equipment and training for officers than on a policy of mass surveillance, recording every single person’s use of the internet, social media and email.

The parliamentary question being reported is here.

One thought on “The snoopers’ charter costs £400million before a single piece of data has been collected

  1. Tom Welsh says:

    Thank goodness we live in a democracy, so that no massive expenditure of taxpayers’ money could ever take place without the explicit permission of the taxpayers’ elected representatives.

    It’s no wonder our leaders are so keen about bombing brown people in order to persuade them of the merits of democracy!

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